About Us

HSF Group is a group of contract manufacturers specialising in mechanical production and assembly. We specialise in machining, sheet metal processing and system assembly. The majority of our customers are high-tech companies.

We contribute to customers’ projects from prototype development onwards. This gives us good opportunities to tailor production so that we can start production quickly and easily.

HSF Group was launched in its current form in 2011 by the merger of six companies into one group. Many of the people who founded our companies still work for the group, which contributes to our strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Commitment and long-term relationships

Our technical scope, resource optimisation and capacity to handle large volumes are our three most important competitive advantages. Our units in Sweden, Estonia and China give us unique opportunities to use resources efficiently. We can always direct production and assembly to those facilities that will give our clients the best results.

Our group of companies has the ambition to grow through investment and new business. Our customers can clearly see how our personal commitment enables us to deliver high quality on time, in everything we do. In many cases our experienced employees have worked for over three decades with the same customer. We are proud of the products we manufacture and the companies we work with.

Outsourcing and new projects

Complete outsourcing projects are one challenge where our competitive ability really shines through. As a project manager, we take care of the entire business arrangement, including planning and management. When it comes to the industrialisation of new products we can act as a valuable partner by developing prototypes and pre-series and then setting up series production.

We are also happy to take on your existing projects and suggest ways that we can optimise production. With production units in Sweden, Estonia and China, we can assign each project to the most efficient and cost-effective unit.