We work with the majority of materials, including aluminium, brass, steel, stainless, copper and titanium.

Our technical breadth and geographic coverage give us unique competitive benefits. We offer optimised solutions for everything from prototyping to series production. The requirements of each project determine which of our production units we use: in Sweden or Estonia.

We supply professional solutions for all types of project. The majority of our customers come from high-tech industries such as defence, medicine, industrial/electronics, hydraulics, heavy automotive and casting.

One of the largest Nordic players in machining.
Milling and turning are our specialities.

Machining resources

Multi-operation four-axis and five-axis high-speed milling centres. Up to ~X: 900, ~Y: 1000, ~Z: 800.

Around 100 automatic lathes, including two-spindle multi-operation lathes, CNC machines, six-spindle lathes, and traditional cam-controlled lathes, for machining dimensions from Ø 2 mm to Ø 81 mm.
Chuck turning in dimensions up to Ø 420 mm.
We also use the latest technology for thermal deburring and multi-bath washing.