Contract manufacturers specialising in machining and assembly.

HSF Group is a group of contract manufacturers specialising in mechanical production and assembly. We specialise in machining, sheet metal processing and system assembly. The majority of our customers are high-tech companies.

We contribute to customers’ projects from prototype development onwards. This gives us good opportunities to tailor production so that we can start production quickly and easily.

HSF Group was launched in its current form in 2011 by the merger of six companies into one group. Many of the people who founded our companies still work for the group, which contributes to our strong entrepreneurial spirit.


We combine

experience and long tradition

cost-effective production

high quality at the right cost




One of the largest Nordic players in machining.
Milling and turning are our specialities.

We work with the majority of materials, including aluminium, brass, steel, stainless, copper and titanium.

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Sheet Metal Processing

Extensive expertise and long experience in sheet metal processing.
Punching and bending are our specialities.

Our customers are principally from the electronics, medical device manufacture, telecoms, contract manufacturing, defense, security, construction and heavy vehicle industries.

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A broad, customer-oriented and competitive offering.
Assembly – sub-assembly – complete modules

Our assembly work requires close involvement in our customers’ operations. It often involves complex products with many different components.

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