HSF History

HSF Group was launched in its current form in 2011 by the merger of six companies into one group.

The name HSF Group comes from the first company in the group, Hallberg-Sekrom Fabriks AB, which is today a leading force within turning in the Nordic market. The principal owner of the group is Gunnar Bergström. He has built up the HSF Group through acquisitions, start-ups and investments from the 1980s onwards, in particular in Sweden and Estonia.

Important events


  • HSF Group aquires HSF Baltic that is also renamed Hallberg Mechanics Tartu AS.
  • A new company is formed, HSF Baltic OÜ, with focus on system assembly.
  • Hallberg-Sekrom Fabriks moves to Eldarvägen in Täby, the headquarters of the HSF Group.
  • Establishment of HSF Baltic in Tartu, 50% owned by the HSF Group, and with sales offices in Täby.
  • New HSF Group launched Teknoprod in Täby with subsidiaries Teknosystem,
    Plåt & Mekano och P&M Romator become part of the group.
  • Plåt & Mekano and P&M Romator merges under the name Plåt & Mekano Romator AB.
  • HSF Group concentrates its milling business to HSF Vimmerby AB.
  • Selling of our companies, Teknoprod and Plåt & Mekano Romator AB, to refine the group’s focus.
  • A legal entity was formed in Sweden through the amalgamation of the companies in Vimmerby and Täby.


  • HSF Group launched as a brand.
  • Elimag AB acquired under the name Elimag Radarmekan AB in Gothenburg.
  • Lysekil Plating Technology in Lysekil becomes part of the HSF Group.
  • HSF Wuxi Electro Mechanical in China is established.
  • Verktyg & Mekaniska AB acquired, and becomes Elimag Radarmekan AB.


  • HSF establishes operations in Estonia.
  • HSF becomes the principal owner of AS Tarkon, which is subsequently sold.


  • Hallberg-Sekrom Fabriks AB acquires a number of lathe businesses in the Stockholm area.